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New Thundercats Trailer and 10 minute footage!

Cartoon Network’s reboot of the 80’s animated Show
Thundercats is ready to air on TV in the next few months. And a new trailer and
some footage of how the show looks like have just been released on YouTube.
Check out both clips after the jump!

Although a huge fan of Thundercats growing up as we admitted
in Episode 6 of Upodcast, the show really hasn’t really aged well especially
when you look at it with the recent DVD releases.

It was very formulaic and moralistic as many shows were back
then were and revisiting them now the draw-by-numbers plot and annoying voice animation
of a certain side-kick (I’m looking at you
SNARF) make it impossible to really enjoy the show. And clearly there
isn’t enough Panthro.

The new version looks like a close cousin of Avatar: the Last
Airbender and I hope it straddles the same line of being child friendly
yet enjoyable for geeks.

From the footage you can clearly see the story is deviating
quite a bit from the original show which was about feline survivors fleeing the
planet Thundera before it’s destruction in Superman style and then taking on
Mumra the Ever Living.


Source: Bleedingcool

Image: JoBlo

Here is the trailer and the 10 minute footage.


Let us know if you are looking forward to the Thundercats
reboot in the comment section below!

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4 thoughts on “New Thundercats Trailer and 10 minute footage!”

  1. That annoying little Snarf character had better not fuck this up. ¬†Animation seems…same but different. ¬†Nice.

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