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EP 27 X Men First Class, E3, WiiU, Hangover 2, Green Lantern Emerald Knights, Priest

Episode 27 of Upodcast is indeed a true geek feast ladies and gentlemen.  In fact there was too much for the three of us so we brought in occasional guest “Loops” (aka Louis Francois) to ably assist us in our round up.

Wii discuss and digest the latest and greatest from E3 for U all and of course get stuck into some movies.  First up is Hangover 2, the one the critics love to hate!  Can the team repeat the successful recipe for needing painkillers the morning after or should we all  just ditch the monkey?

In the midst of a comic book laden year of films, we also talk about 2 adaptations, one Korean and one American: Priest and Green Lantern Emerald Knights.  Which needs our prayers and which is a shining beacon?  You’ll have to listen below or download our Podcast and find out.

We give you a low down of the E3 conference in LA from Playstation to Micrsoft and where the biggest announcement was the Nintendo‘s WiiU.

Here is a handy InfoGraphic the guys over at IGN made:

Last but by no means least, we unleash our collective critical beast on X-Men First Class. Matthew Vaughn‘s latest movie has a cracking trailer and a talented cast, but does it leave us travelling in economy?


Here are the trailer of the movies we reviewed:



You can follow Loops on twitter, or check out his travel photography on  tumblr or his nostalgia blog.

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comment section below!


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