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Ep 26 L.A. Noire, The movies inspired by James Elroy novels and An Intro to Noir

With the release of RockStarGames L.A. Noire, the Upodcast team gives you a Noir inspired episode. Forget about Femme Fatales, we are  joined by our good friend and noir connaisseur Danny Bowes from

This Episode of our Geekalicious Podcast takes you through the murky dark lit alleys of  1940’s LA. We give our impressions of this seminal game for the Sony Playstation console and discuss the world it might have been inspired by.

The UpodCast team gives our picks for taking your baby steps in the wold of Noir! We speak about movies ranging from James Elroy’s Black Dahlia and LA Confidential to Maltese Falcon, The Third Man, The Tim Burton Batmans and Brick.

Check out Danny’s blog by clicking here, if you havent’ checked it out yet, you will be glued when you do! His full and very detailed review of L.A.Noire  is here but beware of spoilers if you havent finished the game!

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comment section below and of course you can follow us on twitter or Subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode!

Listen to/ or Download the episode in the player below!


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