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Beats Rhymes And Life The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest

No Hip Hop group inspired me growing up as much as A Tribe Called Quest. Unlike most of my friends (should I be calling them Homies since I am talking about rap) were into their Wu-Tang clan or NWA. Myyellow Sony Walkman was constantly playing  the smooth jazz sampled beats and playful lyrics of Q-Tip, Phife Dog and Ali Shaheed Muhammed until i wore out my Maxwell tapes.

I’ve just never been able to find the same kind of connect with any other group, maybe the Fugees came closest but even that was a fire that burnt brightly but fizzled out. I think the news of the group breaking up just might have been the first sense of heartbreak I had. Seeing the trailer for the documentary directed by “That Guy” -actor Michael Rappaport reminds me of that heartbreak. I can’t wait to watch this movie since it got previewed at Sundance and even got raving reviews from non rap fans.

It was always a mystery why they quit after so many years but just looking at the short clip, it already tips a bit of the veiled issued this legendary group faced at the end of their journey.

Were you a tribe fan growing up? Let us know in the comment section below!




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