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Upodcast:The Perils of Bollywood fandom and reactions to Tees Maar Khan

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NEW SEASON! And we are back from our short break, with an amazing Bollywood episode. This week Beth, FilmiGirl and I discuss the critics/fan reactions to the release of Farah Khan‘s Tees Maar Khan. We delve into many controversial topics and many feathers will get ruffled, so listen to the complete episode after the jump!

A big thank you to our partner in Badnaami, DJ Ashish B for helping us out with the music in this week’s podcast. You can find more of his work on DjAshishB’ site or Soundcloud page.


Show Notes:

  • Intro:
  • Why we are discussing this topic?
    Our Thoughts on Tees maar Khan
  • Complaints about TMK
    It’s a Remake!
    What is this non-sense comedy?
    Askhay-Katrina fatigue?
    Farah Khan and her marketing machine
  • Analysis of Bollywood fandom
    Massala vs critics favorites
    What is a bollywood fan?
    What advice can we give if you have drunk the Hatorade?

This Episode contains wild tangents and lots of opinions to be taken with a desi-helping of salt, but I guess that’s why you love us so!

You can find our original and full reviews for Tees Maar Khan here:

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Do drop us a mail or leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with our take!


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2 thoughts on “Upodcast:The Perils of Bollywood fandom and reactions to Tees Maar Khan”

  1. Thanks, interesting podcast! Let me add a bit to the whole remake controversy. If an obscure enough film is “remade” without rights, the makers first claim that it is NOT a remake, it is an original! That is what Farah did initially by saying the film was inspired by an Amar Chitra Katha (comic book) character. Later on it was amply clear that the reviewers knew it was a remake – then the remake rights were hastily bought. Why do I believe this? Because no where in the credits is After the Fox listed at all!

    A similar situation happened with the film Aamir – and then after the accusations began to fly, the rights to Cavite were hastily bought.

    This post-facto action does two things, makes the copying seem more legitimate, and prevents legal action.

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