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Wallah Re Wallah Sheila ki Controversy: Thoughts on Tees Maar Khan

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Farah Khan‘s Akshay KumarKatrina Kaif starrer, Tees Maar Khan is closing in for a Christmas release and has quickly become the talk of the town altough maybe not for all the right reasons. To counter or fuel the PR machine the third promo featuring Salman Khan, basking in his post Dabanng glory,  has just released. Check it out this mast qawalli number and our thoughts on some of the controversies surrounding Tees Maar Khan’s release after the jump!

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The whole crew seems be having tons of fun on set and it clealry shows on screen. Adding Salman Khan with his uninhibited Munni Dance moves just makes the song so much more infectious then when first we first heard it on the soundtrack. It’s also bittersweet to see Sallu and Katrina hug each other even after the rumoured end to their relationship.Looking at Salman Khan’s camaraderie with Akshay, I started wondering if  we can  get a Mujhe Shaadi Karogi sequel instead of a Dostana sequel? Towel dances not included.

Altough the TMK promos are visually appealing , they still don’t seem to be creating the excitement of Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om or even Yamla Pagal Deewana- the Deol triple power threat releasing January 2011.

Is it the looming shadow of Shahrukh Khan who has been part of every Farah production until now. Is there something lacking in the soundtrack composed by Shrish Kunder (Farah Khan’s husband)? I do hate the chipmunks in the title track with a passion and the OST has not impressed me altough visually all songs are beautiful.

Or are people just showing Akshay fatigue? especially after a luke warm Action Replayy and overall abbysmal report card for 2011. Also the teaming up Askhay and Katrina has become quite stale, I sometimes wonder if people even know which song goes with which one of their movies anymore?

So what do you do in bollywood when your movies aren’t doing the talking? Create some controversies and let the media talk about you!

Now, we don’t really deal too much in gossip here at Upodcast, not that we are too good for it as we all know we have no morals what so ever, but since Tees Maar Khan is the only Bollywood movie worth talking about during the Christmas break and you can’t seem to talk about TMK without talking about the controversies.

Altough I do wonder how much of these are real issues or just pre-release hype.

Is there a media overhype? Or have old friendhips really gone sour?

Here’s a rundown of some of the controversies:

Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan are “Frienemies::

We all know Farah Khan and ShahRukh Khan have had a close friendship and working relationship through the years. The rift happened when SRK didn’t want to star in Tees Maar Khan which seems to be Shrish Kunder’s brainchild (he is the credited screenwriter, music director and Farah Khan’s husband). Shrish has been deemed box-office poison after his Jaan-E-man, a movie we loved but got released at the wrong time and was completely swept under the rug. So who do you call in Bollywood when you dont get along with King Khan anymore? Salman Khan of course.

Altough Farah claims there is no problems between Shahrukh and her on Koffee with Karan, this has not stopped the media machine taking a break leading to our second controversy.

Tees Maar Khan spoofs  SRK

One of the latest rumours is that Akshay Khanna who is also part of the movie but has been absent from most of the promotion is playing a character “inspired by” SRK. According to the TOI article there is mention of back surgery in London, sixpacks and getting replaced for an international project by Anil Kapoor.

Both Farah Khan and her brother Sajid Khan are known for ribbing their B-town colleagues so there might be some truth to this rumour but Bollywood has turned more and more “meta” the last few years so I dont think this was done in bad form, unlike the next rumour.

ToonPur Ka SuperrHero release to clash with TMK on Shahrukh Khan request

Shahrukh allegedly used his clout with Eros, the company distributing the animated movie ToonPur ka SuperrHero starring Ajay Devgn and Kajol (click here for the trailer), to push it’s release to clash with Tees Maar Khan and effectively splitting up the audience. Altough the movies aren’t catering to the same demographic this rumour has the added juice of SRK and Ajay Devgn rivalry that has been mentioned time and time again. I think both actors are above this and this rumour is completely baseless.  I also don’t think SRK would have the power to start changing release schedules to his whim.

( as as side note I hate this obsession with numerology Bollywood has, there is now way of guessing how to write movies and actors names anymore but I shall rant about that on another occassion)

Sheila vs Munni: The battle for Item number of the year

Probably my favorite controversies as it deals with pretty girls dancing. I love both tracks,  Munni might win in terms of musical catchiness. I do think Sheila has the edge on sexiness but the tracks have been a huge debate on twitter. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below. And do check out Filmigirl’s blog for the full rundown of all Bollywood gossip, like we do!

I still don’t know what the box result will be for Tees Maar Khan but I do know I’ll be going as soon as it releases. What we do know is that the movie will be entertaining and as our friend Katherine from Totallyfilmi said: “In Farah we trust!”

Here is Sheila Ki Jawaani and the trailer for Tees Maar Khan releasing in the UK on the 24th of December!


I was trying to make a point but after wathcing that clip, who cares… Sheeeillaa Sheillaaa ki jawannii….

Thanks to Honey from TheDaileyHoney, Anishok from AdventuresInLaLaland and of course Filmigirl for most of the info on this post!

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