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Proof that Time Travel Exists?

Is this the visual proof that time travel has been invented? We’ll let you watch the video and decide as George Clark who discovered the footage and presented it at a few film festivals explains the quandary quite well. Is the lady appearing at the 1928 premier of Charlie Chaplin‘s The Circus, holding and talking to someone on a Mobile phone?? Check out the clip after the jump!

Of course no one in his right mind would believe this to be true but still the possibilties and questions boggle the mind? (via Slashfilm)

Is it really a phone she is holding?

If so, is it an iPhone or a Blackberry?

If this is a time traveller who has travelled back to 1928 to probably invest in stocks and bonds in a TimeCop sort of plan, how is she having cell phone reception when I can’t connect on the Tube?

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

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5 thoughts on “Proof that Time Travel Exists?”

  1. The argument that she can’t be talking on a mobile because there were no mobile phone capabilities is a very linear argument. Ever wondered that she was using a transmition device/walkie talkie to speak to a time travel partner?

  2. If this Is True, How Is she making Phone Calls without any Network Coverage? I think at that time people even didn’t Use mobile Phones in their dreams.

  3. No wait, I’m not freaked out anymore. Reading the comments on the geekologie post convinced me (and cracked me up). Namely: “A time traveler would have bluetooth or better”. HA! Genius.

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