Month: September 2010

Break ke Baad : First Look Revealed

One of my favorite Bollywood personalities former movie-critic, director and now producer Kunal Kohli has just released the first look of his forthcoming movie starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone called Break Ke Baad on twitter! Click here for the trailer and our thoughts of this upcoming Rom-Com Read More

Filmblog Review: Devil

From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan, Devil is the first part of “the Night Chronicles” , a trilogy of urban scary movies. The premise is simple. Five strangers get trapped in a high-rise elevator, one of them might be the Devil and he is killing them one by one whilst a cop tries to solve the riddle before everyone is killed in front of their eyes.  Check out our review after the jump! Read More

UpodCast Dabanng Special

Like Salman Khan, UpodCast walks it’s own beat. This week we dissect the phenomenon of Dabanng joined by friends of the show Filmigirl and Anandini. We extensively review the movie, ask ourselves if you need to be a Salman Khan fan to enjoy Dabanng to the fullest, debate the return to massala entertainment,  rave about Sonakshi Sinha and also discusss what a potential sequel could look like.  Oh, if that wasn’t enough to salivate your earbuds,  we also discuss the  forthcoming releases for the rest of the year! For all this and much much more, Listen to the episode after the jump!

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Angry Birds: New Character revealed!

If you have Angry Birds on your iPhone (or other less impressive smartphones) , then you have spent many hours playing this highly addictive game  trying to kill the green and mean Pigs that stole your eggs. Rovio has just announced the launch of a new character The Mighty Eagle, check out the video for a sneakpeak after the jump! Read More

Pistol Shrimp A.K.A The Killer!

One night I felt like cooking some shrimps for dinner, so I went to YouTube to get new ideas, Have got no clue how but that when I saw that little guy crawling around minding his business when out of nowhere the shrimp aimed his claw at a fish, then I heard his claw been cocked exactly like a gun and boom he fired at another fish and killed it!!! Now I was mind blown completely, so I decided to actually look into it and share it with everyone!

So, here is what I managed to get from here and there:

“Alpheidae is a family of caridean snapping shrimp characterized by having asymmetrical claws, the larger of which is typically capable of producing a loud snapping sound. Other common names of these species include pistol shrimp or alpheid shrimp.

The snapping shrimp grows to only 1–2 inches (3–5 cm) long. It is distinctive for its remarkably disproportionate large claw, larger by half than the entire body. The claw can be on either arm of the body, and unlike most shrimp claws does not have pincers at the end. Rather, it has a pistol-like feature made of two parts. A joint allows the “hammer” part to move backward into a right-angled position. When released, it snaps into the other part of the claw, emitting an enormously powerful wave of bubbles capable of stunning larger fish and breaking small glass jars.

The snapping shrimp competes with much larger animals like the Sperm Whale and Beluga Whale for the title of ‘loudest animal in the sea’. The animal snaps a specialized claw shut to create a cavitation bubble (As it collapses, the cavitation bubble reaches temperatures of over 5,000 K (4,700 °C). In comparison, the surface temperature of the sun is estimated to be around 5,800 K (5,500 °C)) that generates acoustic pressures of up to 80 kPa at a distance of 4 cm from the claw. As it extends out from the claw, the bubble reaches speeds of 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) and releases a sound reaching 218 decibels. The pressure is strong enough to kill small fish.”

Now, if you still can’t picture all of this just check how awesome the clip is!

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Ranting time once again

Or could be subtitled, “one of the crappest cinemas in the UK”. My advice for anyone wanting to watch a film in the West End, is pretty much to visit any cinema you like (and preferably the Prince Charles, it’s great) apart from the CineWorld in the Trocadero, near Leicester Square.

Let me tell you for why. Firstly it’s in the Trocadero; so if you’re not teenaged or a tourist or into LaserQuest, or video arcade games or dodgy food (or a combination of any of those) then you’re not exactly onto a winner already. And of course you have to negotiate these to get to the cinema itself. Secondly, for a tenner you then get a hugely disorganised queuing system that no-one can understand and is also staffed by people who presumably don’t get paid enough to give a shit about communicating who should go where and at what times, for what films. If like us, you’re watching a sold-out advance screening of Scott Pilgrim, then this is mayhem and frustration.

Moving swiftly on to point three, the almost unbelievable cost of food is staggering. A medium “cinema-hotdog” (you know the kind of thing I mean) and drink (medium, NOT beer) comes to £6.75 or $11 in world money. A good job therefore that McDonald’s is 90 seconds away and offers (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) a far tastier and cheaper alternative.

Having been blown away by Scott Pilgrim – such a good film – the icing on the cake of nastiness that is CineWorld Trocadero, was the entirely odd and out of place wooden, mediaeval style frieze that you can see when you’re coming down the escalator. Not only out of place, but just kind of crap; much like the cinema in question.

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Frightfest 2010

For those unfamiliar souls, Frightfest is basically as it says on the tin – a festival of fright and now the leading horror and fantasy film festival in the UK if not Europe. The Film4 organised and sponsored Frightfest was again in effect from August 26th – 30th, running into its 11th year and providing a quality – horror-based -alternative to a lot of the other Bank holiday distractions on offer in London.

Not being a big fan of the horror genre, I accompanied May-Ling to a screening of The Clinic, a new Aussie film about babies being abducted whilst still in the womb. To be honest, this isn’t such a horrific film – nowhere near the experience of watching The Ring or Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre (how green am I making myself sound here?). However, having seen the world premiere of The Orphanage at Frightfest a couple of years back I pretty much knew that it would be a good film and I’m sure May-Ling was gentle with her selection for me. Also consider the fact that over the past decade, nearly 85% of the screenings have been either World, European, or UK premieres. Quite some stat attack, that!

Having been staged initially at the Prince Charles cinema, then the Odeon in Leicester Square, the Frightfest moved to the Empire cinema in 2009. The organizers say that the 1300 seat cinema is the ideal venue and whilst I usually frequent less salubrious theatres away from the West End (or the brilliant NFTs 1,2 or 3 at the BFI Southbank) I was surprised to find myself in possibly one of the smallest screens…ever. 90 seats only; brilliant. I guess I’ll have to work out why it’s been voted in the top 10 cinemas in the world with some repeat visits, but they could do with not selling big bags of crisps for punters to munch on throughout suspenseful and hence predominantly quiet, films. OK, that’s the bitch over – see my new rant for how a cinema really shouldn’t behave.

On a note of controversy to end with, there was finally, no screening of “A Serbian Film” by Srđan Spasojević. Not that I would have attended myself; but despite the reported scenes of ‘newborn porn’ and a father raping his young son before penetrating another character’s eye socket, it was a shame the BBFC decided that almost 4 minutes of cuts were required before even then not guaranteeing a screening.

I’ll see you there next year!

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Inception: The Musical and Strutting Leo

A bit of Friday fun what if Nolan’s second best movie was adapted to a campy/broadway musical? I am sure we all agree this would be a horrible idea. Have you seen Strutting Leo? It’s a new internet meme doing the rounds. Check out the video and some of the best strutting Leo’s after the jump! Read More

23 days to Superman/Batman Apocalypse!!

Alright fans of DC Universe Animated Original Movies are all rejoicing and ready for the next Superman and Batman movie by the end of this month on the 28th, here’s the official synopsis:

“After a spaceship splashes down in Gotham City Harbor, Batman and Superman encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as those of the Man of Steel. The Kryptonian is soon revealed to be Kara, cousin of Superman, who takes her under his wing to educate her about the ways of Earth. However, the villainous Darkseid has other plans…“

Check out the trailer, absolutely kick ass!

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Preview: Outsourced! Offensive or Funny?

So it seems Yemrika (the evil twin of America) has decided that desis need to start laughing with/at themselves and to aid poor brown people develop a sense of humour there is a new show on it’s way called Outsourced. Is this new NBC-show, programmed for their Fall line-up, supposed to be funny or just plain offensive, check out the clip after the jump!

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