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Watch The Green Hornet: well kinda…

We posted the trailer for the Michel Gondry directed The Green Hornet trailer earlier, but apparently there is already a version of the Green Hornet available and surprisingly it is also directed by a French director, Check out this amazing fan-made short movie after the jump!


The Green Hornet short film (2006) , directed by Aurelien Poitrimoult  and starring Manu Lanzi and Patrick Vo, is quite interesting especially with the American remakes slated for a January release. French action directors have been consistently delivering the goods in action movies for the last couple of year( Taken, District 13, etc) and since they rely much less on computer enhanced explosions, they are the kind of action movies I really look forward to.

If the Michel Gondry- Seth Rogen is going to be similar to this short film then you can color me excited! (The only thing bugging me is the dodgy dubbing but hey…)

According to the website (click here) Most of the stunts are performed by the actors themselves. Manu Lanzi (The Green Hornet) is a French action actor and stuntman. He has already acquired a solid roster of credits including Kiss of the Dragon, The Samourais, The Touch, The Transporter, Danny the Dog, District 13. Patrick Vo Kato) is a French actor and stuntman too. He can also be seen in Samourais and Danny The Dog with Jet li. Watch more films!
I love these fan made movies and posters that we have been seeing lately, the first one i saw was the Batman Dead End short which was one of the coolest live-action Batman renditions until Christopher Nolan put his hands on it, we then also came across the fan-made Green Lantern trailer, which was more of a editing job than a short.

Let us know what you thought of this French Green Hornet in the comment section below!

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