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iPed: Knock Off iPad

China reclaims it’s position of Knock off champion of the known galaxy. Whilst geeks worldwide are going gaga over the latest must-have gadget from Apple, the iPad.( I admit even salivating a little)

The glorious Republic of China has decided to come out with it’s own product which looks eerily similar, check out the video after the jump!

So the selling price should be around 105 USD,the packaging and look and feel is similar to it’s Fructose-based cousin but as soon as you start playing around and actually turn the machine on, the flaws become apparent.

Video below is from a Japanese newscast, I was hoping they would end up jumping from a ninja bridge or slap each other with kitten-shaped sponge battering rams but instead they just seem to be shocked at the audacity of the Chinese to Knock off one of the most sought after gadgets of the year!

For more Knock-off Awesomeness also check out: Chitendo Vii

So would you consider buying an iPed, let us know in the comment section below!

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