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50 cents or Starvin Marvin?!!

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Now, don’t think for a second that the reason for this post is that I am a 50 cent fan at all, if any thing I’m behind Jay-Z a 100% when he said “I’m afraid of the future (why?)
yall respect the one who got shot I respect the shooter!”

But in any case here is the article I came across on “”

Read it and see the dedication that actors (and I’m using the term loosely) go through for movie parts!

“50 Cent weight loss: Rapper loses 4 stone for new movie role – amazing pics

By 27/05/2010

50 Cent (Pic:Getty/

50 Cent looks more like tuppenny-ha’penny in these shocking pictures posted on his Twitter page.

A gaunt-looking Fiddy is unrecognisable after shedding almost four stone for an acting role.

The usually buff rapper real name Curtis Jackson achieved the drastic weight loss in just nine weeks by surviving on a liquid-only diet combined with daily three-hour treadmill walks.

50 Cent (

In the movie, Things Fall Apart, 50 plays a US football star who is diagnosed with cancer. And hes certainly taking it seriously.

Not only has the rap star shrunk down to a tiny 11 stone 6lbs, losing six inches from his waist in the process, hes also removed all of his tattoos for the role.

Im starving, he said, unsurprisingly.

But the 34-year-old wont stay super skinny for long. Filming has finished and Fiddy starts a US tour on Friday so is eating normally again.

Ill be back in shape in no time, he added.”

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Now it’s your call 50 or Starvin Marvin?!

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