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Episode 10 Double Feature: Kick-Ass and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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For our 10th Episode we give you two reviews for the price of one free podcast! This week Upodcast team also talks about the iPad launch, cooking with a coffee pot and solar powered back packs

A spoiler free discussion on Kick-Ass that we got to watch earlier as Asim and Martin are lucky to live in Blighty.

We also have a full review for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the first part of the Swedish film adaptation of the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Check out the trailers and full episode to stream or download after the jump!

Underwhelming Trinity (the quirky side of internet life) for this week is:

  • Ahmed continues with his quest for quirky technology by presenting us the solar packed backpack and unleashes Martin’s solar powered rage.
  • Asim talks about how to cook with only a Swedish coffee pot, you can find more recepies on or follow Katja Wulf the innovator on twitter
  • Martin’s Stat of the week is 11, being the number of application launched with the Apple‘s iPad released in the US and the geekgasms and Apple Envy it contributes to

I hope you like the show, do spread the word on you podcast and a BIG thank you to all our new followers and subscribers.

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