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20+ TV theme song medley

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Ok, I got to admit until the 4th song I thought these were some very talented twins or an Ashton Kutcher cloning experiment gone horribly wrong  and I’m still not entirely sure yet but the medley is really fun to watch. check it out after the jump!

Here’s the full tracklist:

0:01 Two and a Half Men
0:22 The Simpsons
0:36 O.C
1:00 Naruto
1:11 Family Guy
1:41 Married with Children
1:57 Cheers
2:16 That 70’s Show
2:41 Big Love
2:58 Freaks and Geeks
3:18 Malcolm in the Middle
3:35 X-Files
3:55 Firefly
4:09 The Office
4:24 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
4:44 Scrubs
4:54 True Blood
5:27 Charles in Charge
5:38 The Big Bang Theory
5:55 How I Met Your Mother
6:05 Mission Impossible
6:14 Friends

I got to say some of these put a smile on my face.

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