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New Iron Man 2 Trailer

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The New Trailer for Iron Man 2 looks insane. The character might not be my all time favorite superhero character (no one can touch the Dark Knight) but John Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. managed to deliver one of the best all round Marvel adaptations.

And the new trailer takes it to the next logical step. Click more for the full trailer and our thoughts!The action scenes are breath taking, the fight and especially flight choreography is unbelievably fast paced but not ending up a CGI mess like Transformers 2 or some of the final fights scenes in The Incredible Hulk. I kinda miss Terence Howard I have to admit been a big fan since that Ashanti video but I am worried he’s gettting shafted by Hollywood like Chris Tucker and Dave Chappelle. Never been a huge Cheadle fan (I can’t let go of that accent he pulled in Ocean’s whatever), but hope he Mann’s up  a little playing War Machine, he does have a cannon on his shoulder for God’s sake (yeah, I managed to squeeze in a Boogie Nights reference there).

I’m enjoying every minute of this Downey revival we have been seeing the last few years, loved him in Tropic Thunder and in Sherlock Holmes and look forward to seeing that one develop into a series too. I also realized that this is probably the only Gwyneth Paltrow appearance I enjoy, I don’t even know if she still regularly acts!

I’m not the hugest Scarlet Johansson fan as you might have heard in our Battle of the Remakes Podcast but I can appreciate her talent and look forward to seeing her kick some ass. We don’t see that much of her character and a few of the scenes you can even see the stunt double as Slashsfilm ( click here for the article) pointed out.

and I got one word for the suitcase suit: ohmygodohmygodohmygod!

Iron Man 2 Trailer 2

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