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Latest Trailers from Bollywood

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It’s time for a run-down of some of the hottest trailers coming from the outsourcing capital of the world! We all need a bit of spice in our lives (unless you suffer from IBS then you should clearly avoid anything relating to Bollywood or Mexican). And I look forward to the new batch of emotional overdoses coming our way.

Keep reading for some of the most exciting Bollywood trailers and our thoughts on them!

Lahore-the movie

There’s a famous punjabi saying: “If you haven’t seen Lahore, you haven’t seen anything”. I was hoping this would be the tagline to this small budget, kick boxing movie set on the background of the India vs Pakistan conflict that rears its ugly head every couple of years. It’s a debutant team with a lot of character actors and distributed by Warner Bros. Maybe they’re hoping this might turn into another Slumdog Millionaire from them? I do love the poster campaign and marketing for this movie.

Any small movie get’s my vote, expecially if they manage to squeeze in some slow motion spin kicks!

Prince its Showtime

If Lahore is the small movie that could, Prince is probably the opposite in every sense. The trailer shows what Bollywood does best: Recycle images we know and then add some garam masala over it. There is no shame in this approach, that’s how Japan got to be the country it is now which in turn gave us the playstation 3, so you won’t hear me complain.

You can clearly see the influence from many many movies in this short clip: I counted The Dark Knight, Spiderman, Xmen, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Matrix 1 & 2 and Crank! (leave a comment if I forgot any) Is there any other movie genre that can give you all that entertainment for one single ticket price. Me think not!

The lead actor Vivek Oberoi is a pretty boy with a huge ego but he seems to have mended his ways and is focusing on working the right team and Tips certainly has the marketing power behind them. I hope this one works for them!

Prince of Persia adaptation with Jake Gyllenhaal and Bruckheimers is not the only royalty coming our way this year, and at least this indian Prince can dance to the tunes of Atif Aslam, one of the most popular pakistani pop singers and south asian star! plus he’s brown which we can’t say of his Farsi videogame counterpart

O mere khuda by Atif Aslam


Housefull is the most “typical” Bollywood this year. And I mean that as the biggest compliment possible, I love the genre so I don’t ever have anything bad to say about it. Housefull directed by funny man Sajid Khan, has a crack team of actors and technicians behind it. Plus the momentum of one of the biggest hits in Indian history from their previous collaboration between Sajid Khan, Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh. On top of that they have managed to rope in a host of unbelievably pretty ladies to accompany them in this comedy or errors.

Trailer housefull

Yeah that was pretty amazing wasn’t it? so why stop here- here’s at track from the movie.

O Girl

PS Most of the people involved in this movie are on twitter so drop them a line or follow them, expecially Sajid Khan is hilarious and a proper movie buff!


The cross-polination between Hollywood and Bollywood continues. Probably after My name is Khan this might be the movie with the biggest canvas.

Starring Superstar Hritik Roshan accompanied by Barbara Mori (who’s a model I think?) in a romantic version of Rush hour according to Bret Ratner who allegedly recut the movie for American audiences.

I have to admit I’m least excited about this movie especially since it has had a troubled production and the director has pretty much  disavowed his involvement and that can never be a good sign.

In any case I’ll go watch it for Hritik and get a complex about… well most things… the guy is a Greek God or something (AND he can dance)

Which of these will be your pick to watch? leave a comment below!

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