Month: March 2010

Trailer: The Expendables

The Expendables Teaser Poster

Since the age of 6, I have imagined many different variations of this movie,  although sometimes in my little boy’s imagination Jackie Chan might be part of the gang or some days Muhammad Ali would kick Hitler‘s ass. It might have taken them over 20 year but thank the Gods of Californian muscle toning the trailer for The Expendables is finally online.

Check it out after the jump!

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The Secret to success for women in the workplace with Marrion Cottilard

Oscar winner and all round amazing actress Marion Cottillard introduces a new tool for women to be successful and be taken seriously in an office environment with the guys from FunnyorDie.

Maybe not suitable for everyone but still pretty hilarious. And I follow the general rule of thumb in life… The more Cotillard, the better.

Check out the clip here!

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20+ TV theme song medley

Ok, I got to admit until the 4th song I thought these were some very talented twins or an Ashton Kutcher cloning experiment gone horribly wrong  and I’m still not entirely sure yet but the medley is really fun to watch. check it out after the jump! Read More

The Evolution of Nintendo’s Game controller

Altough I have been a gamer since I can remember, I was never a fan of Nintendo. the only 2 moments I was close to switching from my Sega or Atari was when the original Zelda came out or Streetfighter II got its release on the SNES. Read More

Episode 8 The 80’s Classics – The Secret of My Success

The Upodcast team revisits the 80’s for the second time after our Midnight Run episode this time accompanied by THE 80’s star par excellence, the evergreen Michael J Fox.

Check out the trailer and the full show notes after the jump!

Marty and Asim discuss the pointlessness of statistics in Stat of the WEEK whilst Ahmed puts his sexy Flu voice on.

The underwhelming trinity of this week is:

  • Ahmed discusses the Zeal optics Ski Googles and why you can’t find colored people on ski slopes.
  • Martin explains the difference in Extended takes and tracking shots and confuses the hell out out of Asim.
  • Asim talks about potential casting choices for the upcoming Captain America movie and why this movie will be a tough task to accomplish.

This weeks Genre is the 80’s classics: The secret of my success. Directed by Herbert Ross mostly know from Footloose. We all loved this movie and were dying to revisit it. Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section

Here is the trailer:

You can send us your mails with suggestions on and spread the word on UPODCAST!

As usual the music for this episode is provided by our good friend DJ Iron




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60 Years of Porsche in 50 seconds

We spoke about The Porsche Panamera in Episode 5 of Upodcast but I stumbled across this little video that Porsche released with the launch.

The title of the post is pretty self explanatory so I’ll let the clip do the talking, sit back and be amazed by the beauty of one of consistently best designed car brands ever.


Leave your thoughts on the comment section below!

Spaced, The US remake

There used to be a time where we could complain about American shows polluting the global airwaves with drivel. But then the Brits dropped Big Brother, Pop Idol and Insert Country that Has Talent and the TV landscape has never been the same. Read More

Latest Trailers from Bollywood

It’s time for a run-down of some of the hottest trailers coming from the outsourcing capital of the world! We all need a bit of spice in our lives (unless you suffer from IBS then you should clearly avoid anything relating to Bollywood or Mexican). And I look forward to the new batch of emotional overdoses coming our way.

Keep reading for some of the most exciting Bollywood trailers and our thoughts on them! Read More

New Iron Man 2 Trailer

The New Trailer for Iron Man 2 looks insane. The character might not be my all time favorite superhero character (no one can touch the Dark Knight) but John Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. managed to deliver one of the best all round Marvel adaptations.

And the new trailer takes it to the next logical step. Click more for the full trailer and our thoughts! Read More

Oscars 2010…and the wieners are…

Altough the Upodcast team usually talks about under the radar news, being movie buffs we do get caught up with the yearly hysteria of the Academy Awards.

After the jump you can find the full list of winners and wieners from aunty Beeb

And don’t forget to catch our next Podcast( Episode 9) where we will be giving our acerbic take on this year’s show…with some very special guests.

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Friday rant Virgin 1 & Navy Seals

Well well, what’s been getting my goat this week then? TV has been a consistent theme of mine since I started these weeklies and no changes to this week’s format I’m afraid. However, not merely content with picking on a TV show I am taking on a whole channel this time. Step forward and claim your prize Virgin 1.

Now, this isn’t a rant against Richard “Beardie” Branson and his beloved brand. I’ve flown on his airline, I’ve bought his records and I’ve even (briefly) taken out a pension. All of which are worthy causes (not sure about the Cola though…) but not enough to rescue the TV channel though.

My main criticism has to be endless repeats; of X-files and Sexcetera mainly. Strangely though, I am now convinced that Virgin 1 has screened Navy Seals (see trailer below) almost many times and that’s a bloody film frchissakes! Naturally I’ve now seen Navy Seals a couple of times in recent weeks and frankly, it’s a poor film. A peculiar relic of late 80’s cinema, there are numerous cliches – acting, plot (yes it does have one), dialogue and right down to some scenes even being cliche.

Notable however in hindsight not just because Charlie Sheen is sober and actually acting (see rant passim Two and a half men) but also because Dennis Haysbert is starring in what must be one of his earliest roles.

So, Virgin 1 + Navy Seals = not a good look. Please, please Virgin, if you’re going to repeat films endlessly, why not make it something decent? I suggest Wedlock starring Rutger Hauer, Mimi Rogers, and Asim’s favourite, Stephen Tobolowsky! Released only a year later and much more fun!!

Necklace with a difference

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Episode 7 Anime – Steamboy (Suchīmuboi)

Hi all this week we will be talking about SteamBoy, the follow up movie of Katsuhiro Ohtomo‘s Akira!!

Ok, let’s get this show started, this week Asim, party Marty and I will be ranting out Two and a Half Men for being on the air for SEVEN years! Also, we are glad to know that we aren’t the only ones who share these feelings; check out what college humor guys came up with after the jump!


Let me underwhelm you!

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Filmblog: Review MicMacs

Jean Pierre Jeunet’s long awaited follow up to A Long Engagement (his second and oscar nominated Audrey Tatou movie after Amelie) has finally arrived after a hiatus of 5 years. And for me it has been a long wait as I love his work ever since I saw City of Lost Children. You can clearly see all the hard work that goes into his movies so it’s understandable that it takes Jeunet a few years to build up his world but every frame of his movies is so well constructed, so rich and well-thought out that the effect of watching his movies lasts with you for a until you see something new of his hand.

Watching this movie I was forced to think of Wes Anderson and that other French creative Michel Gondry especially as they are all adept at creating a whimsical world that is probably translated frame by frame exactly how it was first conceived in their minds. But the best comparision I can make for Jeunet has to be Terry Gilliam. Not only do both of theses artists/directors (and not the otherway around) have an abundance of creativity which they manage to cram into to every free inch of the screen. They are at heart still clearly children although they are not scared to do show us the darker side within those fantasy.  Making me think of the fariytales you used to hear before Disney’ got his corporate hands on everything and soiled our collective chilhood memories with dancing bears and benevolent rabbits. the final similarity between the both of them is that they have been eyeing the (International) mainstream for a while without finding complete acceptance.

MicMacs (complete title Micmacs à tire-larigot) tells the story of good-natured but not the sharpest tool Bazil played by Danny Boon who looses his father and part of his cerebrum to 2 neighbouring Arms companies. Together with his rag tag bunch of down on their luck inventors, writers, contortionists all living in an underground scrap yard (surrounded by contraptions that Data from the Goonies invented before he moved to India to help out Dr.Jones) he decides to throw some gasoline flaming the fire between the companies 2 CEO’s who probably have a long standing feud (imagine the intro scene in Duplicity where Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti duke it out on an Airplane field being the backstory).

Micmacs is basically Jeunet’s take on “Yojimbo” or “Fistful of Dollars”, there is an escalation of a game of one-upmanship  but instead of swords and six shooters we have the scene in Amelie where Audrey Tatou takes revenge on her evil grocery shop owner Mr Collignon drawn out for the entirety of this movie. The cast is filled up with Jeunet’s regulars are extremely competent unfortunately Danny Boon doesn’t have the charm that Tatou had forcing the audience to get enchanted. He does his simpleton act very well even reminding me of Charlie Chaplin to certain degrees and special mention to his West Flemish accent fakery which is pretty spot on! There are lots of visual gags and MicMacs is shot in the trademark Jeunet style. Dark but beatiful.

I would really recommend catching this movie, it just released in the UK and other countries are sure to follow. It’s great to see a French movie that doesn’t revolve around characters having discussion around a dinner table and ending in people getting divorced. And anything that Jeunet puts his hand on becomes magical gold! (even if there is no Audrey Tatou or Marion Cotillard in this one)

Here’s the trailer:

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