Favorite Bollywood Movies of 2009

I’ve been meaning to write a little bit about Bollywood (I know some people hate the word as they feel it’s derivative of the term Hollywood and the colonial name of the City of Mumbai– I like using it as it just sounds better then the Mumbai Film Industry)  movies in more details then our...

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First Friday Rant: Numb3rs

We like to think we only get the good stuff, the cream of the crop of American TV, over here in the UK. Sadly for every season of Sopranos, 6 feet Under, The Wire etc, there will always be an exception proving the rule.   In this case, I reluctantly draw your attention to Numb3rs....

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Filmblog: Casablanca

This is my vague attempt to try and give thought on most of the films that I watch…sounds ambitious right? Well, I guess there are criteria (no musings on Universal Soldier to be found here) There was quite a glut over the festive period so I’m playing catch-up here and, not lacking in ambition, have...

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Gold 4 Macs and the effects of the Global Economic Meltdown

Let’s Agree 2009 kinda sucked! Since last year, the economy is in shambles which has effected the day to day lives of pretty much for everyone except for the crazies on MTV’s Cribs. Michael Jackson is no more, the James Cameron Avatar hype has almost died down (with the exception of weekly Box Office updates and if...

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Filmblog: Review Brothers

A story in my book is effective if it makes you feel something that you have no first hand experience with. Indiana Jones puts you in peril and makes you feel the advernture of being a hero (and a life long urge to wear dirty shirts and learning how to use a whip), Annie Hall...

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Friday rant (pt 2…and on Monday) Reaper

Well, another week passes and another thing bugs me. And I do understand I’m a little slow here, but Goddamnit I was upset when I found out that Reaper was only deemed worthy of 2 seasons. This from the country that gave us Friends for God only knows how many seasons too many! And however...

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