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January 2011

History of Rap

Who doesn’t love Hip Hop (except racists)? French BeatBox artist Eklips takes us through the journey from classics as Afrikaa Bombaata, all the way to the recent Kanye West Album. It truly is amazing to see how things have changed ( altough maybe not always for the best). One of the best Beatbox Vids we’ve seen in a long time. Check it out after the jump!Read More »History of Rap

The Third Man

Continuing my theme of “old black and white films, good, new colour films, bad”, I hope the following proves inspirational enough that more people watch what has been voted the “best British film of the 20th century” by the British… Read More »The Third Man

Taiwanese CGI news team takes on Ricky Gervais!

Ricky Gervais has created quite a kerfuffle with his recent stint hosting the 2010 Golden Globes. Since his appearance, the media have been going gaga about alleged fights, rumors and other highlights which uphold the journalistic esteem that most media outlets seem to be maintaining.

But news isn’t news unless there is a Taiwanese CGI version of it! Here is the Ricky Gervais appearance digitized and insane!Read More »Taiwanese CGI news team takes on Ricky Gervais!

Suit up, Superheroes!

2011 surely seems to be the year of superhero movies with both DC and Marvel firing both barrels. Here is a rundown of First looks of some of the characters that we will be seeing across the big screens! Check out the pictures after the jump!Read More »Suit up, Superheroes!

Lessons Learnt in Bollywood in 2010 and What’s in store for 2011!

This week we are joined by BollywoodGora (AKA Steven Baker), writer for BollySpice and DigitalSpy and Upodcast regular FilmiGirl. We discuss some of the lessons we as Bollywood geeks have learnt and what we hope to avoid in 2011. We breakdown the upcoming releases in 2011, the ones we are looking forward to and the actors and actresses we want to see more of! Of course we can’t avoid adding our own little snarky twist to everything! Check out the episode after the jump!Read More »Lessons Learnt in Bollywood in 2010 and What’s in store for 2011!

3D rant

No, you don’t need crappy plastic glasses to read this one. I was sat in the pub during the week, watching football in 3D and thinking to myself “this is quite shit”.  OK, shit may be a bit harsh, but… Read More »3D rant

The UnderRated Rom Com: 500 Days of Summer

In this week’s  Upodcast we review the delightful quirky romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zoey Deschanel directed by Marc Webb, director of the upcoming Spiderman movie. Is this an underrated gem or does it just belong on the shelf of romantic comedies studios seem to churn out? Or are the guys just trying to sort out their own personal demons with women? Check out the podcast after the jump!

Read More »The UnderRated Rom Com: 500 Days of Summer